Powered Scooters for Sale

Peoples Care Medical Supply sales top quality powered mobility scooters. Browse our catalog for our different types of scooters for sale. We sale travel portable scooters for easy disassemble and be portable without a lift and are great for shopping, short trips, cruises and airlines. Our full size scooters completely designed for full-time use, higher speeds, long driving distance and holds more weight capacity. Although many disassemble - the weight of the scooter will require a lift for regularly transported. In addition, heavy duty scooter models can hold up to 500 pounds and includes stronger motors and higher battery amp for longer durability in driving range. These larger scooters do not disassembles and lift is required for transportation. Last but not least our folding scooters have a lighter in weight than travel portable scooters. Some scooters can be folded and pulled like a luggage, others can be fold and unfold with a remote control. Folding scooters is perfect for active users and can be able to lift 55-65 pounds if loading into a car. Book online your powered scooter today and we'll ship to your door within the United States. We cannot ship to the US Virgin Island, Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Guam.

Mobility Scooter Rentals

Peoples Care Medical Supply offers top quality mobility scooters rentals to the best theme parks in Los Angeles and near Anaheim area and beyond. Our reliable electric mobility scooter rentals provide you a comfortable, secure ride, perfect mobility solutions for short and long trips and extended stays. Enjoy the convenience and independence of a Mobility Scooter Rentals for Disneyland Resorts, Disneyland California Adventure, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Pacific Park of Santa Monica Beach, Huntington Library, Hollywood Bowl, Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Grove, Long Beach Aquarium. Reserve online now your mobility scooter rental and we'll deliver at your hotel, residence, airbnb, studio, film set, cruise, amusement park in Los Angeles and Anaheim area. You may also reserve by calling Peoples Care Medical Supply at (800) 710-5808. Our electric mobility scooters feature adjustable speed settings, comfortable swivel seat, armrests, headlight, horn, and basket for additional storage. These scooter rentals are designed with comfort and reliability in mind, offering you an enjoyable and safe experience as you explore the sights of Los Angeles and nearby Anaheim surroundings.

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Wheelchair Rentals

Looking for a wheelchair rental that grants users the ability to move around securely and access daily physical activities? Peoples Care Medical Supply is the leading provider of mobility wheelchair rentals in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Long Beach, Santa Monica area, involving Disneyland, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios and more. Our collection includes light-weight wheelchairs, transport chairs, and strong manual wheelchairs. We also deliver wheelchair rental to local customers and travelers to their residence, hotel, abode, attraction, cruise terminal or Airbnb home. For those recovering from surgery and needing a wheelchair rental for quick recovery, book online or call (800) 710-5808.

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Full Electric Hospital Bed Rentals

At Peoples Care Medical Supply, we provide hospital bed rentals that are ideal for anyone in need of mobility assistance or recovery from an injury. Call us today at (800) 710-5808 to arrange a bed rental, and our trained specialists will deliver and install the hospital bed rental in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Manhattan Beach, San Pedro, Pasadena, Glendale, Anaheim, Covina, and more. An additional fee applies. Electric hospital beds offer effortless maneuverability and ease of operation, making them a great choice for those needing special positioning for sleeping or resting; however, their enhanced convenience does come at a higher cost. Hospital bed Rentals is a top rental on Peoples Care Medical Supply. Simply reserve your Hospital bed rental online and we'll deliver. We deliver Hospital bed rentals to your house, hotels, residences, nursing homes, nursing skill facilities, hospice care, congregate facilities and even Airbnb homes. Additionally, we delivery Hospital beds 24/7 and pickup services are available to our local customers and travelers.

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Respiratory Equipment Rentals

People's Care Medical Supply Rents and offers same day delivery respiratory aids and medical accessories equipment rentals near Los Angeles for short-or-long-term-care. We service and provide a wide selection of sleep therapy devices such medical oxygen tanks, portable oxygen concentrators, CPAP, BiPAPS, Ventilators and more. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is ready to assist you by Calling us 800-710-5808. For your convenience, we can deliver your oxygen rental to your home, airport, cruise ship, hotel, airbnb, nursing home, senior home, hospice care and more!

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Knee Braces

Peoples Care Medical Supply offers premium knee supports for fast recovery. We work very close with Breg professional knee braces offering the best knee supports near you or close to us, remember that we have a variety of options to aid individuals with knee deconditions.

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About Peoples Care Medical Supply

Peoples Care Medical Supply is a Local medical supply company in North Hollywood for 20 years, servicing our local customers, travelers and visitors to Los Angeles and Anaheim area alike with premium quality medical supplies and top notch mobility equipment rental services in Los Angeles and Anaheim area.

Accredited by the Board of Certification BOC and recognized by the Food and Drug Administration with a Home Medical Device Retail License, our company provides unquestioned trust in our medical equipment products, rental services and prices.

Peoples Care Medical Supply is a premier source for necessities like knee braces, CPAP machines, BiPAP Machines, CPAP masks, cold therapy machines, Philips ventilators, electric power wheelchairs, full electric hospital beds, walker aids, rollators, knee scooters, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, air loss pressure mattresses, feeding pumps and more!

Our medical equipment rental offerings provide access to mobility scooters, power and non-power wheelchairs, home oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, air loss mattresses, tilt and recline power wheelchairs, Kangaroo feeding pumps, respiratory ventilators, portable oxygen concentrators, and baby strollers in Los Angeles, Disneyland Ca, Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott's Berry Farm, SixFlags, Long Beach Aquarium, Hollywood Walk Fame and more!

We aspire to be the most dependable supplier of durable medical equipment rental in Los Angeles area, offering our customers, visitors and tourists the best in medical equipment products that facilitate their recovery and regain of their ability to move and an energetic quality of life.

Our Anaheim-area clients trust Peoples Care Medical Supply for top-quality medical equipment and mobility scooter rentals near Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott's Berry Farm, Disneyland and SixFlags.

Visitors to the Los Angeles area are provided with our medical equipment rental services, providing them with the highest level of care and delivery services 24/7.

Secure your medical equipment needs today by shopping online.

or call (800) 710-5808 to reserve your durable medical equipment rental if traveling. We guarantee delivery of any medical equipment rental within a 75 mile radius from Los Angeles, California and surrounding cities.