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Wheelchair Rental Services here at People's Care Medical Supply. We rent wheelchairs at very affordable prices. Renting any wheelchair from us is super easy, we do not required deposit, simply contact us at (800) 710-5808 and reserve the best wheelchair rental and get an instant delivery. 

What is the best wheelchair to rent 

Rent Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs :

Lightweight transport wheelchairs are much lighter and more compact than traditional standard wheelchair.

Lightweight Transport chairs are used to move people around who cannot propel themselves using a standard wheelchair.

A second person is required to assist for mobility. Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs are a great alternative for quick trips, doctors visits, hospital trips, travel back and forth.

The best wheelchair rental and the perfect solution for easy to store in any size car trunk. 

What is the benefit of standard wheelchair rental

Standard wheelchairs are cost-effective with little maintenance. Since regular standard Wheelchairs are the most basic of the self-propelled wheelchair types they are more suitable for situation where a caregiver is around to assist patient to complete activities of daily livings.

Some people use wheelchairs for travel, work, care of themselves, accomplish daily living tasks independently.

Renting a standard wheelchair for those with mobility impairments, using the right chair makes a world of difference 

Advantages and Benefits of Lightweight Wheelchair Rentals: 

Lightweight wheelchairs are used for many people who have mild to moderate trouble with mobility impairments, whether it's permanent or temporary, can use a lightweight wheelchair.

The advantages and benefits of lightweight wheelchair is  ideal for people can and does self-propel in a lightweight wheelchair longer distances without risks of falls, fatigue, and waisted.

The lightweight chairs are between 28-36 pounds while standard chairs are the heaviest at 36+ pounds.

if the main focus is portability, when weight is a concern for caregiver the lightweight wheelchair is the perfect solution to complete your daily activities.

What is the best Ultralight Wheelchair for rent:

The best ultralight manual wheelchairs currently on the marketplace today is formidable.

The range of active user needing a frame design and configuration, weight, adjustability, and available accessories makes ultralight wheelchairs highly customizable to suit individual needs.

Since ultralight wheelchairs are the lightest manual wheelchairs they offer the best performance in mind, rigid and folding durable frames, great maneuverable, and easier to propel. 

We rent folding ultralight wheelchairs pre-configured to standard users. 

What is Heavy Duty Wheelchair?

A heavy duty wheelchair is a wheelchair with a reinforced frame that supports an individual weighing more than 250 lbs.

Heavy duty wheelchairs are often referred to as extra wide wheelchairs or bariatric wheelchairs.

A bariatric wheelchair is a safe and comfortable mobility device that is suitable for a larger person, since this wheelchairs are consider heavy duty and offers wider seat options than standard wheelchairs.

If the person weight is more than 250 pounds and has severe spasticity a heavy duty wheelchair is recommended.

An extra wide heavy duty wheelchair is recommended if the person is more than 301 pounds.

These bariatric wheelchair rentals comes in different widths and chair frame weights starting 57 pounds. 

Who needs a manual reclining wheelchair?

A manual reclining wheelchair is primarily used for any individual who are in the need of boost in their blood circulation, stretch and change body positioning to support pressure care and comfort for long periods. 

Manual reclining wheelchair are also designed to allow the user to recline comfortable at incremental angle positions without exerting so much energy with the option of elevating their feet and legs.

The best manual reclining wheelchair with hydraulic reclines mechanism allowing backrest to recline from 90 to 180 degrees, and includes elevating leg rest.

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