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Breg Roadrunner Knee Brace, Airmesh, Open Back, Pull-On

Breg Roadrunner Knee Brace, Airmesh, Open Back, Pull-On

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The Breg Roadrunner Knee Brace, Airmesh, Open Back, Pull-On a high quality hinged knee brace designed for providing support and stability for almost any type of activity.

Roadrunner hinged knee brace stabilizes the knee joint and keeps the bones from moving around too much. 

This hinged knee brace can keep the four main ligaments of the knee from working as hard and may control the range of motion.

Ideal for tears in the knee, because of its low profile design that's both soft and supportive for knee sprains injuries and ligament instabilities.

It's often used to provide knee protection for a wide variety of daily activities and low-contact sports activities.

Breg RoadRunner Knee Brace has strong, removable polycentric hinges on the sides, along with additional thigh and lower leg straps, to enhance overall stability.

The brace is an breathable Airmesh, closed back, pull-on knee brace which breathes to keep you cooler in hotter climates.

Product Description

  • Provides superior control and support for ligament injuries and instabilities,
  • Brace Measures 16" length and four straps
  • Low profile, extension stops: 10°, 20°, 30° and 40° 
  • Most ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries and instabilities 
  • Meniscal injuries 
  • Mild OA 
  • Soft Airmesh, Pull-on Knee Brace 
  • Polycentric hinges with adjustable flexion extension stops 
  • Sleeve open black 
  • Left or Right Knee
  • Double Hinged

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