Using Your Scooter

Using your scooter is important and we are here to support your technical questions when you purchase or rent a scooter with Peoples Care Medical Supply.

How to use a mobility scooter rental

1-800-710-5808 - Rental units may vary from location to location. We rent both 3 and 4 wheel scooter units.

Note: The instructions shown in this page are for Pride Mobility, Metro Mobility and Golden Technologies Products. If you are using a different manufacture, please refer to your owners manual of your scooter.


Like all electronics, your mobility scooter or chair needs to be charged. Charge your scooter overnight (6 hours minimum-to-8 hours maximum for complete charge) and always take the battery charger with you in case the battery gets low.


[1] Remove the key from the unit, pug your charger into an approved AC wall outlet, then plug the other end of the power cord into the charger port on your equipment.

[2] Verify that all lights are lit on your charger, if not check both the wall outlet connection and the battery charger connection to ensure both are connected secure.

[3] When the equipment is completely charged the "charge" light will turn solid green.

Note: Always completely disconnect your battery charger and stow it away before operating your equipment.


Mobility Scooter Charging Port Locations


Pride Go-Go Series, Metro Mobility are transportable scooters and can be separated into pieces: Seat, Battery Pack, Basket, Front Steering Section, and Rear Wheel Section. 

Disassembling Scooter Images

[1] Remove the key and basket from the tiller scooter (make sure the charger in not connected). Remove the seat by lifting straight up or turning slightly. 

[2] Remove the battery pack by lifting with the handle straight upward.

Go-Go Battery Pack Replacement

[3] Locate the large, round black knob at the base of the tiller to loosen the arm. Turn the knob counter-clockwise. Fold the tiller arm into the base and re-tighten the knob.

[4] T detach the back, lift up on the frame release lever (located under the battery pack) and carefully separate the two sections of the scooter. You are now ready to load the scooter into your vehicle.


Standard scooter tiller illustrated below will explain how to drive your electric scooter. 

operating your scooter rental

 [1] Power switch = insert the key and turn it to the right. Gauge will move from red to green.

[2] Speed control = Adjust the speed dial to your comfort speed level. Consider keeping the speed lower if you are new to using a scooter.

[3] Forward and Reverse Paddle = Use the throttle lever to move forward and backward. The further back you pull, the faster scooter drives.

[4] To Stop Scooter = Release the throttle paddle lever, scooter stops

[5] Battery Condition Meter = Green fully charged batteries, Yellow a draining charge, Red immediate recharge is necessary. Charge your scooter's battery daily for at least 8 to 14 hours prior to using scooter.

[6[ When you are not using your scooter, turn the key to the OFF position. Always take the key with you when your get off your scooter. 


Issue #1 = Scooter beeps five times**when turned on key power switch on and scooter will not move.

Solution: Turn key power switch off, wait 6 seconds, then turn it on. If the problem continues check the manual freewheel lever at the back of the scooter and ensure it is to the drive (rearward) position and restart scooter.

Issue #2 = The power battery conditioning meter shows full charge, but the scooter won't move and no beeping?

Solution: Make sure the key power is in the off position and unplug the battery charger from the scooter charging port and AC outlet. Now turn on scooter if still doesn't move adjust your speed dial to a higher speed setting.

Issue #3 = Scooter runs slowly even after charging all night and/or the battery meter drops to the red when pressing the accelerator.

Solution: If you've charged the scooter for at least 6 hours, call us at 800-710-5808 for a switch out. There may be an issue with the battery or charger.

Issue #4 = Scooter drives slowly, but the LED Battery indicator shows a full charge while pressing the accelerator.

Solution: While pressing accelerator , adjust the speed dial as desired to increase your speed.

Issue #5 = The scooter shows no power after either going up an incline, over a large bump, or if your are over the units maximum weight capacity.

Solution: Turn the key off and press the reset button - located on the battery pack or between the heel of your feet. Make sure the reset button is pushed in firmly. Turn the key back on and check for power.


At the end of your rental, it is your responsibility to ensure that equipment is secured with your hotel/resort bell desk or (another secure area if you are using a residential, airbnb rental) if you are using our meet and greet service your equipment must be returned directly to a People's Care Medical Supply representative. For Cruise Scooter Rentals, Please indicate your arrival time to the cruise terminal for our meet and greet technician delivered scooter directly to you, as well when you returning we will pickup from you at the same place of delivery. We do not pickup equipment from the cabin, from the ship.


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