Rental Cancelation Policy

In the event of a cancellation, a fee of 35% of the reserved product will be applied to compensate for our inability to rent out the product to other customers. For more information, please call (800) 710-5808..

Why should I rent mobility scooter versus renting the scooters at Disneyland? 

  • For the same quality of scooters, our rentals are much  affordable (Our daily rate for scooter rental is $40 per day. Disneyland charges $85.00 a day).
  • Disadvantage renting at Disneyland scooters are not allowed to leave the theme park (not even into Downtown Disney)
  • Advantage renting our scooter(s) you are not limited to only the theme park.
  • You can take our scooters inside and outside of Disneyland as well as to Downtown Disney, Anaheim Gardenwalk, and surrounding restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and other locations nearby, which allow you a lot more flexibility in your travel planning.
  • We also offer the convenience of free delivery and pickup of the scooter at your hotel within a 20 mile radius of Disneyland so you do not have to wait in a long line at Disneyland to rent one.
  • Your scooter will be available by your reservation time at the front desk of your hotel.

Where does the scooter get delivered to?

  • We deliver for free to hotels, airbnb, residential homes, nursing homes, Disneyland in the Anaheim area, Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott's Berry Farm within a 20 mile radius of North Hollywood, Ca and Anaheim Disneyland for free.
  • We will drop it off either at the front desk or the bell captain, depending on the hotel.
  • Each hotel designates an area for scooter delivery, and you can ask the front desk or concierge to make sure.

When I am done with the scooter, where do I leave the scooter?

Once you are done with the scooter, you can leave scooter at your hotel at the same place you picked up the scooter (either at the front desk or with the bell captain, depending on which area the hotel designates).

When do you deliver the scooter to my hotel or desired destination?

We will drop it off either the night before or the morning of your scheduled reservation time to ensure that your scooter rental will always be available at your hotel by your reserved date and time for immediate use. 

When do I pay for the scooter service rental, before or after I take the scooter?

To place the reservation for us to deliver the scooter, we take 100% deposit of the rental price to cover our costs for delivery and to set aside the scooter(s) from our inventory for your use that date and time.

What happens if the battery runs out and I am stranded?

We pride ourselves in our customer service and accountability to our clients. If you are ever stranded or your battery runs out, please give us a call right away at (800) 710-5808 or after-sales technical staff at (818) 209-1271.

How long does the battery last on a scooter?

The fully charged standard scooter lasts 16 miles. The battery will drain faster with more frequent usage as well as more weight. We discourage multiple people sitting on the scooter because that will drain the battery much faster.

How do I charge my electric scooter rental?

Each of our electric scooter rentals come with a battery charger that you can use to charge the scooters batteries.

If you rent the scooter for multiple days, it is your responsibility to recharge the scooter batteries overnight because a full charge takes about 12 hours and offers a battery life of about 16 miles.

What happens if I forget to recharge my scooter batteries?

Scooters are fully charge at the time of delivery, customer is responsible to charge the battery as needed.

If you forget to charge the battery and become stranded, please call us (800) 710-5808 or (818) 209-1271 and request a delivery of a fully charged batteries.

There is a delivery fee $75.00 charge flat rate.

Maintenance Checklist for a Mobility Scooter

Peoples Care Medical Supply technical service department performs maintenance for each rental mobility scooter daily before any delivery is completed.

This is our daily inspection and test checklist on a daily basis.

  • Test Drives 
  • Key Ignition Turning Mobility Scooter On and Off
  • Speed Pot Driving Resistance
  • Fast/Slow Speed handle Levers
  • Battery life = Load Battery Test & DC Voltage
  • Braking and Stoping = Motor Brake Resistance via multimeter
  • Driving Performance = Motor Driving Resistance via multimeter
  • Electrical Brake Release, resistance continuity 
  • front and back tires 

Knowledge of proper maintenance ensures the scooter will last for as long as it’s necessary, even with daily use.

We spect our rental scooter have scratches, dents and cracked plastics since this products are rented on a daily basis.

Regardless of what the necessity of the scooter is, Peoples Care Medical Supply  mobility scooters leave our warehouse fully cleaned, in working satisfactory conditions and sanitized, as well as fully charged batteries.