Collection: Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

Oxygen concentrator rentals available here at Peoples Care Medical in most cities across Los Angeles County.

We rent top of the line medical oxygen concentrator equipment from most popular brands to fit your respiratory needs. 

We rent Invacare Perfecto 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator offering the highest quality brand of home and portable oxygen concentrators. 

The Invacare perfecto home oxygen is one of the best oxygen machine, lightest and quiet unit available for rent.

The perfecto is sleek and compact at  13 inches high 11 and a half inches wide and 23 inches depth.

It also features a convenient handle and rolling wheels on the bottom making it easy to move around the house with your unit.

The Perfecto Oxygen Concentrator rental is energy efficient an no louder than your refrigerator, so you can have some peace of mind and a low energy bill.

The Perfecto Oxygen Machine delivers up to five liter of oxygen per minute by continues flow and requires almost no maintenance just change of filters on the back of the unit.

If you have any questions regarding the Invacare Perfecto feel free to contact us at (800) 710-5808. 

When you breathe easier we breathe easier 

Perfecto Oxygen Concentrator

 Invacare Perfecto 2 Oxygen Concentrator Rental

Home Oxygen Concentrator are small and quiet machines, making it ideal for home care, nursing home, senior center homes, hospital, hotels, Airbnb, residential and ideal for cruise ships.

The standard oxygen concentrators offers 1-5 liter per minute medical grade oxygen for-in-room use.

Oxygen Tank Rental

medical oxygen cylinders for rent


Portable Oxygen Concentrators:


Invacare Portable Oxygen Rental

We rent the best portable oxygen concentrators that can produce medical grade oxygen on a demand basis up to 6 liters per minute on a pulse dose. 

We rent Philips Respironics Portable Oxygens, Invacare Portable Oxygen Concentrators and Inogen G5 Portable oxygen concentrator rentals.

This travel portable oxygen machines are smallest, lightest, and quietest units available to the oxygen user in today's marketplace.

Rent the best portable oxygen concentrator today and jump in the car to run your daily errands, weekend trips and even take it on a plane to go on vacation! 

Reserve Now by Calling (800) 710-5808 and get instant delivery to your destination.