Collection: Powered Patient Lift Rental

We offer electric patient lift rentals for both long term and short term use. Our powered patient lifts we carry are from high quality manufacture's such as Invacare, Tuffcare, Medline, Drive Medical and more.

Experience unmatched comfort and convenience with our full electric patient lift rental services in Los Angeles California and surrounding cities.

Hoyer lift is a mobility device that helps people, especially seniors with mobility challenges getting inn and out of bed independently, transferring from room to room, bed to wheelchair, bathroom or the bath without the assistance of another person. These devices can be free-standing on lock wheels for ease transfer depending on the user’s needs and room set-up.

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 Frequently asked questions:

The following information will help you clarify certain questions about powered hoyer lift rental.

Where can I rent an electric powered patient lift?

Electric Powered Patient lift is available here at People's Care Medical Supply and delivers equipment in Los Angeles area. Simply order online or by phone (800) 710-5808 to reserve powered hoyer patient lift 

What is an electric powered patient lift?

A Powered Patient Lift is known as a Hoyer lift a hydraulic lifting patient mechanism for a multi-positional patient transfer system that requires supine positioning for transfers, to treat illness or injury or to improve the functioning of a malformed body member. Electric Patient lifts are commonly used for home, hospitals, nursing home centers, or dialysis centers. Powered Hoyer lifts can slowly lift and lower the patient safely avoiding the risk of complications during recovery.

Manual patient lifts

Manual patient lifts are operated by a hand crank or push lever. Using lift wheels to transfer the patient after lifting them, the operator or caregiver can lower the patient when ready. These hydraulic lifts are ideal for lifting and transferring patients from the floor to a bed or chair, as well as from the wheelchair to the bathroom. Hydraulic lifts require more hands-on work since patient transfers require human effort during the movement phases. Manual patient lifts are the most economical options for users looking for a simple transferring equipment solution.

Power Patient Lifts

A Power Patient Lift works via battery power. These patient lifting devices are designed to ensure resident dignity and lower the risk of back injuries for caregivers. A dependable, high-quality lift gives caregivers reliable, comfortable, and essential equipment for extra support.  Rent power patient lift since we offer a wide range of power patient lifts from trusted brands that are capable of performing a wide range of transfers from the floor to a healthcare bed with ease. When dealing with large chairs, bulky commodes, and wheelchairs, the Power Patient lift comes in handy. Electric patient lifts are the top recommended patient lift that can safely lifted user via a remote hand control. Advantage is that there is no more manual crank.