Collection: Hospital Beds Rentals

Peoples Care Medical Supply the online marketplace where you can rent everything they want.  Whether your looking to rent a hospital bed, or an Air Loss Mattress for a relative needing some form of health care recovery, our hospital bed rentals comes fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable recovery & exceptional rest while at sleep.

These hospital bed rental have special features both for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience freedom access, and independence.

Hospital beds for home are designed to provide top-quality care for a loved one. When a person is recovering from a different injuries, back pain and spinal injuries as well as severe traumas and keeping them comfortable and healthy renting a bed is the solution.

Medical bed rental will offer your relative, elderly guest all the support a bed can offered. These medical beds are fully adjustable, raised head and footboard fully electric allowing essential comfort and well-being of the patient. 

Adjusting the bed can relieve pressure on the patient's body, helping reduce bedsores. Positioning and rotation of the patient also improves body circulation and provides  comfort, support and safety for fast recovery.

We rent high-quality-beds, redistribution pressure mattress, and bed air loss mattress conveniently located in Los Angeles and several convenient locations near you.

Go ahead and book your hospital bed rental online today and get it delivered today.

Our assortment of hospital bed includes totally full electric twin-seized bed with side rails, heavy duty and bariatric full-size beds with safety rails and medical bed air loss mattress.

Thats why we offer delivery and pickup service throughout most of Los Angeles and nearest cities up to 100 miles.

Use our online add to cart to reserved hospital bed or contact us today at (800) 710-5808 to order hospital bed.

Delivery & Pickup:

  • We will delivery your bed rental item in Los Angeles County up to 100 miles
  • We will install and set-up hospital bed
  • We charge one-time delivery fee, includes installation and pickup 
  • We deliver same-day 
  • We do not bill insurance for hospital beds

What are half bed rails?

  • Half-length bed rails are recommended for any patient who will be getting in/out of bed by themselves

What are full bed rails?

  • Full-length bed rails is the best option for patients who have a tendency to roll out of bed.
  • Have advanced medical conditions  where they can be a danger to themselves
  • Patients with dementia, stroke, quadriplegic, seizures, frequent falls

Customers Asked Questions and Answers:

Question: What size is the hospital bed?

Answer: All of our hospital bed rentals are twin size 36"x88"

Question: Does the head and foot section move up or down?

Answer: Yes! All of our adjustable beds head and foot section raise and lower.

Question: How tall are the full electric beds?

Answer: Bed height ranges from 9.5"  - 20" from the floor to the top of the mattress

Question: Can I extend the bed rental periods?

Answer: Yes! After the first 30 days of having the adjustable bed you have the option of extending your rental by two weeks or by the month.

Question: Can I move the bed into another room?

Answer: Yes! you can move the bed into a different room of your choice at the same address. You will be responsible for any damages that may incur if you move our hospital beds.

We charge $100.00 to come move the bed to any room in your house.

Question: Can I purchase the hospital bed rental?

Answer: Yes! Please call (800) 710-5808 to get a quote for the hospital bed you selected. We will apply the amount that you paid for the first 30 days of the rental bed excluding the delivery fees.

Questions: What Delivery Areas Do You Serve?

Answer: Currently, Peoples Care Medical Supply rents medical hospital beds near Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, Palmdale, Lancaster, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Hollywood and more, with plans to expand to other cities in California.

Question: Are the hospital bed rentals in Good Conditions?

Answer: They are fairly new! we provide high quality hospital beds for rent for you to get best sleep possible all night and day safely. Yes, all of our electric hospital beds are fully clean, sanitized and disinfected after every rental use. Hospital Beds are inspected prior to being rented, power box junction load tested, motor resistance, hand controller resistance, front and rear caster wheels are fully inspected for our next user to experience the best hospital bed services from Peoples Care Medical Supply.

Question:  If rent a hospital bed for home will the bed fit in a medium size bedroom?

Answer: Yes!  The hospital bed is a twin size and only requires 88"L x 36" Wide space within your house. Hospiatl bed mattress is 80"L x 36"Wide for the sleeping surface area of the bed deck. Renting hospital beds are portable because it disassembles into 3 pieces without the use of tools and fits most bedrooms or living room.

Question:  How much weight capacity does hospital beds for home holds?

Answer:  Hospital bed for home hold up to 450 pounds, however this bed rentals are recommended for anybody under 300 pounds for bed frame durability and bed frame warranties. To ensure when you buy a hospital bed or renting a bed  make sure your weight and height is suitable to fit your needs. If your are heavier than 301 pounds consider upgrading to one of our Heavy Duty Hospital Beds.

Question: I am bed bound patient is this bed rental same as medical hospital bed rental or long term hospital bed rentals?

Answer: Yes, customers use multiple names to refer to this product. Some customers and physicians called them low boy beds, full electric beds, homecare electric low hospital beds, Invacare Full Electric Beds, Drive Medical Beds, Medline beds, semi electric hospital beds they are all FDA Approved and are medical beds for home use. 

Question: How much does it cost to rent a hospital bed?

Answer: Average hospital bed rental price is $195.00 per month, plus installation and delivery fee will apply.

Below is the average bed rental price based on the rental per month and package:

Full Electric Bed Essential  Premium Luxury Long Term
$195.00 month $225 month $265 month $495 month $845 month

Question: Where can I rent a hospital bed near me?

Answer: Currently, Peoples Care Medical Supply rent a hospital bed locally in North Hollywood, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Buena Park, and more than 88 cities in Los Angeles County.  We will deliver the hospital bed for home care to your residence, nursing home, skill nursing facilities, apartments or to your desire location.

Question: Where can I rent bariatric hospital bed near me?

Answer: Peoples Care Medical Supply can rent heavy duty hospital beds for bariatric patients in at least 88 cities in Los Angeles County.  We can deliver your bariatric bed rental to a location of your choice.

Question: How can I rent hospital bed for recovery?

Answer: If you want to rent a medical hospital bed for recovery, simply call our customer service team at (800) 710-5808 and will assist to reserve your hospital bed, and mattress.