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Essential Hospital Bed Monthly Rental Package

Essential Hospital Bed Monthly Rental Package

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Rent an Essential Hospital Bed for added comfort and convenience. This bed package includes a full electric hospital bed, upgraded therapeutic mattress, half side rails, over the bed side table, perfect bed package for those needing care at their comfort at home. This bed is safe, reliable, durable and stable medical bed. With its adjustable features, you get custom comfort for a peaceful and relaxing recovery in your home.

Rent this bed to recover from surgery, post-partum, illness, CHF, stroke, dialysis weakness, shortness of breath, shoulder/knee/lower back pain and other medical conditions. 

Reserve online essential hospital bed package for same day delivery, or contact us at (800) 710-5808 to reserve with our customer care agent.

Bed Specifications:
  • Width | 36" Wide
  • Length | 88" Long
  • Height Range | 9.5” – 20”
  • Sleep Surface | 36"Wide x 80" Long
  • Type | Full Electric Bed
  • Max Weight Capacity | 350Lbs
  • Bed Height | 9.5" min - 20" max [measurement from floor to bed deck]

 Bed Rentals in Long Beach Call 800-710-5808

Half Side Bed Rails

Clamp on bed half rails are perfect for patients when exiting the bed by themselves, as they will be able to reach the release lock to drop the rails when exiting the bed.

 electric hospital bed with rails for rent near me

Full Length Bed Rails

Reduced Gap Full-Length Bed Rails prevents fall out with less entrapment hazards. It fits all electric standard size hospital beds. User cannot drop down the rails without assistance. Prevents the user from getting out of bed unassisted. Ideal for users with high risk of falls. 

Softform therapeutic support mattress for rent near me

Softform Therapeutic Support Mattress 36"x80"x6"

High-resiliency foam takes the shape of the user's body for a remarkable fit and comfort.

Individual castellated cells augment body contact to effectively reduce pressure. 

Its fluid-resistant, four-way stretch cover protects the user's skin from wounds, damages, and other abrasion. Top comfortable patient immersion and compress in areas of high pressure to deliver firm support.


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