CPAP Rental Policy

We require a physician valid prescription for all CPAP machine rentals. If you are a returned customer and have purchased a machine here at Peoples Care Medical Supply, please let us know we maintain prescriptions for 7 years on file. New patients need to fax prescription, or sleep study test to us at 866-834-6266.
We must have a copy of your prescription before we rent any respiratory device. We can also contact the sleep center or your physician directly to request Rx.

Rental Period

Our rental program is per diem, first day is $80.00 and $10.00 each additional day
We do not bill insurance.

Shipping Delivery Services

We only rent cpap machines to local patients near Los Angeles within 50 mile radius. Currently, our cpap rental services operates in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Simi Valley, Universal Studios and more, with plans to expand to other cities in Los Angeles California. All rental machines must have a credit card billing addresses due to security reasons. We will deliver your cpap machine your desire destination or you can pickup at our local store in North Hollywood, CA. 

Pickup and Returned CPAP Machine

The machine must be returned without any defects. We strongly recommend you take pictures of any marks or defects you spot when you first receive the machine and send them to us for our records. We will charge up to 80% the price of a new machine for rental machines that are lost or returned damaged. 
No Deposit Required when you rent a cpap here at Peoples Care Medical Supply 

Valid ID and Credit Card:

Customers must provide a valid ID and Credit Card under their name with a matching billing and shipping address. Credit card must have an expiration date of at least 6 months away. Please contact us to update if your card is about to expire.