Rental Cancelation Policy

The waiver covers only damages to any equipment up to the amount of $500.00, any damage exceeds this amount will be charged directly to the barrower.
The barrower is not responsible for minor wear and tear damage such as paint scuffs or scratches, should the barrower decline the damage waiver, then barrower is responsible for all damage that may occur to the rental property.


Mobility Operation and Re-charge Policy:

  • Barrower must safely operate mobility devices to avoid harming others.
  • Barrower must daily recharge power chair and mobility scooter batteries, regardless of battery meter reading.
  • Mobility devices are delivered fully charged without any malfunctions. A battery charger is included with each rental.
  • Mobility equipment inspected by professionals before delivery.
  • Mobility equipment can be exchanged for an additional $75 fee.
  • Barrower contact People’s Care Medical Supply (800) 710-5808 or text (818) 209-1271