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True Air Loss Mattress Monthly Rental

True Air Loss Mattress Monthly Rental

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Looking for a true low air loss mattress rental replacement system that offers static, dynamic and pulsation mode and internal pressure monitoring suitable for both standard and bariatric patients who need to treat and prevent pressure ulcer from stage I to IV? 

Reserve online now the perfect true air loss mattress solution for people who are dealing with short or long-term illness and are bed confined for extended periods of time.

What is the benefit of a true air loss mattress system?

True air loss mattress can be used for both the prevention and treatment of pressure wounds. Excellent benefit, best solution for those individuals who are confined to the bed for an extended period of times. True air loss mattress can provide a great deal of comfort and assist in circulation for those patients susceptible to these events such as those who are immobilized or lack adequate sensory perception, spinal cord injury, neurological conditions. These support surfaces will work to keep skin cool and dry at all times.

Static Mode:

  • Blower base true low air loss technology provides maximum pressure redistribution, prevents and treats pressure ulcer up to stage IV. The pressure redistribution mattress also encourages excellent skin moisture transference.

Alternating Mode:

  • Imitate the normal body movement in response to pressure
  • Varies the supporting points under the body
  • Stimulates blood flow, which may promote wound healing

Pulsation Mode:

  • Aids in the increase of capillary blood flow and lymph flow
  • Helps to increase oxygenation to wound tissue which help prevent wound healing
  • Helps reduce body pain
  • Helps reduce swollen, edema and poor circulation

Quick Specifications:

  • Theraflo 7 AP System
  • Pressure Sore Grading: Very High Grade 4
  • Weight Capacity: 485 lbs.
  • Air Cell Height: 7"
  • Modes: Dynamic/Static Mode/Pulsation
  • Intelligent Pressure Sensing: Yes
  • Alarms: Power Failure
  • CPR Type: High Air Flow Rapid  Deflating CPR
  • Size Option: 36"x80"
  • Cover Type: VTX - 4 Way Stretch
  • True Air Loss Mattress: Yes
  • Cycle time: 5,10,15
  • Air Flow Rate: 1200 - 2000 Liter Per Minute
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