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Shoulder Immobilizer Brace

Shoulder Immobilizer Brace

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Pillow Abduction Sling Shoulder Brace Immobilizer

Designed to place the , shoulder humerus in a neutral position of rotation, Shoulder Brace Immobilizer is a cool, comfortable shoulder immobilizer. It includes Soft Abduction Pillow Cushion, Exercise ball to increase blood circulation. Buckle design easy to wear on/off.

Applicable Situation: For Shoulder Joint Rehabilitation

Pillow Abduction Sling Shoulder Brace Immobilizer, Sizing Chart


Forearm Length


11” – 13” (29-33 cm)


13” – 14” (34-37 cm)


15” – 16” (38-41 cm)

Measurement taken from olecranon to knuckles 
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