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Nova Star Heavy Duty Petite Rollator

Nova Star Heavy Duty Petite Rollator

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A walker or walking frame is the best tool for disabled people who need additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking, most commonly due to age-related physical restrictions.

Nova Star Heavy Duty Petite Rollator features a large 8 inch wheel, sturdy seat and a 450 pound weight capacity, perfect for users 4'10 - 5'4 height for a perfect fit. 

The Star Heavy Duty Petite Rollator consist of a beautiful sleeker frame design, four wheels, handlebars and a built-in seat, which allows the user to stop and rest when needed. Nova Star Heavy Duty Rollator is also equipped with leather storage pouch for shopping. 

The Nova Star Heavy Duty Petite Rollator is more sophisticated than conventional walkers with wheels.

The Nova Star Heavy Duty Petite Rollator is adjustable in height and is light-weight frame, superior sturdier than conventional walkers. The handlebars are equipped with hand brakes that can be lifted or pushed downward to instantly stop the rollator. The brakes can also be used in maneuvering the rollator, by braking one side while turning the rollator towards that side a much tighter turning radius can be achieved.

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  • Rollator is attractive and comfortable with secure parking brakes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Apple Red with Black Color is an eye catcher!
  • Rolls easy and the gradual brakes make it easy to control.
  • The 8" wheels are substantial.
  • Solid welded construction and the elliptical frame adds to the stability. 
  • The best Rollator 

Product Information:

Weight Capacity / Wt Cap: 450 lbs
Weight 20 lbs
Wheel Size: 8″
Approximate User Height: 4’10” – 5’4”
Width Between Handles: 22″
Overall Dimensions(Low): 27.75w x 24.25d x 30.5h
Overall Dimensions(High): 27.5w x 26d x 32.5h
Overall Dimensions When Folded: 34.25 – 39h x 11.75 – 12.25d x 28w
Seat Height: 18″, 19, 20″
Seat Dimensions: 18.5w x 15d
Seat: Padded
Storage: Pouch
Basket/Bag Dimensions: 17w x 9d x 6.5h
Handle Height Adjustment(Low): 29.5 – 31.25
Handle Height Adjustment(High): 31.5 – 33.25

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