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Inogen G5 Portable Oxygen Rental

Inogen G5 Portable Oxygen Rental

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Inogen G5 Portable Oxygen Rental for traveling with 16 cell battery system  

Product Specifications

IS-500 - Inogen One G5 Portable Concentrator includes, Double 16-cell lithium ion battery, carrying bag, AC power supply, Nasal Cannula

Designed for full time use 24/7, and double battery can go up to 8 hours, FAA Approved, Quiet operation at only 39 decibels

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 4.7 lbs without battery, 5.7 lbs with double battery

Dimensions: 7.19 × 3.26 × 8.15 in (Height includes double battery)

Oxygen Flow: Pulse Dose Delivery Six flow settings from 1,2,3,4,5,6

Power Settings: AC Power Supply 100-240V, 50-60Hz (auto sensing to allow worldwide use) DC Power: for mobile use in car/airplane

Battery: Duration (double battery): up to 13 hours

Inogen G5 Battery Duration

Setting of 1
Double Battery: 13 hours, average

Setting of 2
Double Battery: 10 hours, average

Setting of 3
Double Battery: 7 hours, average

Setting of 4
Double Battery: 5 hours, average

Setting of 5
Double Battery: 3 hours 48 minutes, average

Setting of 6
Double Battery: 2 hours 45 minutes, average

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