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Inogen G3 Replacement Column Pair (Flow Setting 1-5) RP-321

Inogen G3 Replacement Column Pair (Flow Setting 1-5) RP-321

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Compatible exclusively with Inogen One G3 systems displaying a flow setting range of 1-5 LPM, this RP-321 Replacement Column Pair provides the ideal setup for steady, reliable oxygen delivery..

Each order comprises two columns; thus, when placing an order, customers will receive two columns.

The RP-321 Replacement Column Pair (Flow Setting 1-5) enables easy servicing of the Inogen One G3, enabling users to replace the sieve beds that convert air with lower oxygen concentrations to a higher one. This pair of metal columns must be used in tandem, as the sieve beds inevitably degrade over time with frequent use.

Inogen suggests that columns should be substituted every 12 months to 24 months. Depending on the circumstances of usage, earlier substitution may be necessary. The Inogen One G3 will alert you when substitution is essential..

Clear step-by-step instructions enable you to easily switch out the column pair without tools – without having to send the Inogen One G3 in for repair like you would with other portable concentrators!

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