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Power Base Patient Lift Rental

Power Base Patient Lift Rental

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Rent a Power Base electric patient lift to hoist a loved one with impaired mobility. Enjoy easy operation with a hand control and battery charging capabilities. Use the control to widen or narrow the base. 

Secure official website to rent patient lift from Peoples Care Medical Supply near Los Angeles, same day delivery, free delivery and no other hidden cost. Book online today, get in touch with us at 1-800-710-5808 for more details

About the Levantar Patient Lift Rental product:

Safety Working Load Levantar 500 lbs, 227 kgs
Maximum Overall Length 52" / 1320mm
Maximum Overall Height 76.3" / 1940mm
Minimum Overall Height 27.7" / 705mm
Maximum Height at hook 6.9" / 175mm
Minimum Height at hook 2.1" /55mm
Height at maximum reach 37.8" / 960mm from mask axis
Reach at maximum height 32.4" /825mm from mask axis
Turn Diameter 55.9" 1420mm
External width when open 45.8" /1165mm
Internal width when open 40.3" /1025mm
External width when closed 31.6" /805mm
Internal width when closed 26.1" /665mm
Height of legs 5.3" /125mm
Ground Clearance 2.9" /76mm
Front caster 3" /76mm
Rear brake caster 5" /125mm
Net weight 132.2 lbs /60kgs
Gross weight 156.5 lbs /71kgs
Battery pack weight 7.9 lbs (5.0A) /3.6kgs
Control box weight 2 lbs /0.9 kgs
6 hook cradle weight 8.3 lbs /3.75kgs

How to us patient sling?

1 Place patient in sling. ✔ Position center of sling under patient's spine. ✔ Place leg straps flat under patient; do not let material fold. ✔ Make sure sling opening is not large enough to let patient slip out or too small to let patient fall out.

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