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Peoples Care Medical Supply

Oxygen Tank Rental

Oxygen Tank Rental

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This oxygen tank rental package contains an oxygen cart, a regulator, and a 7 ft nasal cannula, making it ideal for emergency medical use, as well as on-the-go convenience.

Peoples Care Medical Supply offers premium oxygen tank rental services. Secure your rental via our website, with delivery to countless locations such as private residential homes, nursing homes, hospice care, hospital discharges, hotels, cruise ships and AirBnB homes. You may also reserve by calling us at (800) 710-5808. Thank you

Oxygen tank rental pricing depends on duration & destination. 

  • Weight 10 lbs full 
  • Cylinder length 24.9″
  • Oxygen capacity 680 liters
  • 5hrs Average Run Time @ 2 liters per minute continuous flow
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