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Invacare Perfecto 2V Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Invacare Perfecto 2V Oxygen Concentrator Machine

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Invacare Perfecto 2V Oxygen Concentrator Machine is one of the lightest, smallest, quietest 5 Liter oxygen concentrator in todays Marketplace.

Perfecto 2V is a simple Oxygen Solution all day, every day because of it's higher level of medical grade oxygen purity.

Perfecto 2V will deliver medical oxygen up to 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year to any patient who needs continues flow oxygen therapy at home.

The Invacare Perfecto 2V Oxygen Machine offers quiet operation, making it ideal for use while patient and all family is at sleep.

Invacare Perfecto 2V Oxygen Concentrator Machine Includes SensO2 Oxygen Monitor Indicator.

SensO2 Oxygen Monitor Indicator is a built in sensor that will continue monitoring the purity of oxygen levels generated by the concentrator while patient receiving medical grade oxygen therapy.

If SensO2 falls below acceptable oxygen concentration levels the indicator will turn on with a beeping alarm alerting the user.

Invacare has manufacture the Perfecto 2V with an advance quality motor compressor, top rated oxygen concentration zeolite molecular sieves to generate outstanding nitrogen to oxygen adsorption. designed to reduce unscheduled maintenance.

Invacare Perfecto2 provides humification with its oxygen therapy. Just simply attach a humidifier bottle with distilled water to the device with its built-in, easily accessible bottle holder. It also has three distinct filters so there's always a pure supply of oxygen.


  • User-friendly design with easy-to-see and understand control panel
  • Easy access to humidifier bottle and filter
  • Low noise level allows for use during sleep
  • Convenient top handle makes it easy to move
  • Three separate filters assure oxygen purity

    Quick Specs:

    Electrical: 120 VAC +/- 10%, 60 Hz
    Rated Current Input: 3 A at 5 L/min.
    Power Consumption: 325 Watts
    Sound Level: 43 dBA
    Maximum Outlet Pressure: 5 psi +/- 0.5 psi
    Oxygen Ouput Levels: 95.6% to 87% at all flow rates
    Flow Range: 0.5-5 L/min.
    Pressure Relief Mechanism: 30 - 45 psi
    Filters: Cabinet, outlet HEPA, compressor inlet
    Operating Temperature: 50°F - 95°F at 20-60% relative humidity
    Storage Temperature: -20°F - 150°F at 15-95% relative humidity
    Safety System: Current overload or line surge shutdown
    High temperature compressor shutdown
    High pressure alarm w/ compressor shutdown
    Low pressure alarm w/ compressor shutdown
    Battery free power loss alarm
    SensO2 oxygen system low flow alarm
    Dimensions: 15"W x 23"H x 12"D
    Altitude (above sea level) 0-8000 ft.: No degradation
    8000-13129 ft.: Below 90% efficiency
    Product Weight: 40 lbs.
    Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.
    Invacare Warranty: Limited 3 years
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