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Full Electric Hospital Bed Monthly Rental

Full Electric Hospital Bed Monthly Rental

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This full electric hospital bed comes with a twin-size (36" x 80") basic foam mattress and safety side rails, and is equipped with full electric motor controls that enable caregivers to raise the head, foot and height of the bed frame at the push of a button, making it an ideal solution for short-term or long-term care when special positioning is needed.

Online booking is available, or you can reserve by calling (800) 710-5808; same-day delivery is an option (fees applicable).


This bed features full adjustability, with upper and lower boundaries able to be altered, and side rails which can be modified to enable easy transfer in and out of the bed. The hand control enables further adjustments to the upper body and knees, while the high/low feature provides an additional level of flexibility.

Bed Dimensions:

  • Bed Dimensions: 36" wide x 88" long
  • Bed Sleeping Surface: 80" long x 36: wide
  • Bed Height Range: 9.5" - 20"
  • Bed Type: Full Electric
  • Weight Capacity 450 pounds
  • Mattress Dimension: 36" wide x 80" long

Bed package includes 

  • [1] Full-Electric Hospital Bed 
  • [1] Side Rails of Your Choice (Half or Full) 
  • [1] Foam Mattress 
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Hospital beds rental FAQs

What is the procedure for same-day hospital bed delivery?

Same-day delivery of hospital beds can be arranged if contact is established early in the day. (Delivery fees apply) This allows us to plan delivery for that day.

Will my insurance company cover the cost of bed rental?

Most insurance companies only reimburse the rental of Basic Semi-Electric Beds, while the rental of higher-end beds is not covered by any insurance company. However, our Full Electric Hospital Bed Monthly Rental and those from other reputable bed rental businesses provide pay-as-you-go service throughout the United States, including Los Angeles, California.

Why is important to rent an electric hospital bed?

Utilizing a fully electric hospital bed instead of a semi-electric bed is highly recommended due to its simple operation, which makes altering the positioning of the bed effortless and uncomplicated. Most medical professionals and rehabilitation facilities suggest using electric beds due to their easy operation.

What Cities Can I Rent an Electric Hospital Bed From?

For rental of electric hospital beds, People's Care Medical Supply services cities located within a radius of 100 miles of Los Angeles, California. Our selection of electric hospital beds, sourced from reputable manufacturers and brands, caters to a variety of needs. To reserve a bed, place an online order and a certified technician will promptly deliver and install the equipment.

What is the bed rental terms and conditions if I decide to rent a bed today?

We offer same-day delivery and a technician to handle installation and setup. Our beds are foldable and can fit in even the tightest spaces, including second-floor rooms. Each bed is meticulously cleaned and sanitized, and we provide service throughout the rental period. If you would like to return the bed or extend the rental, please provide us with advanced notice - at least three business days. If you would like to purchase the bed, the first month's rental fee will apply towards the cost.

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