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Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed - Purchase

Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed - Purchase

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Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed, Half Rails and Bariatric Foam Mattress Included - Extra Wide, Heavy Duty - 80” x 42”, 600 lb Weight Capacity - for Home Care and Medical Facilities - Fully Adjustable, with Locking Casters.

The 42-Inch wide full electric bariatric homecare bed provides a comfortable and convenient sleeping platform for individuals and caregivers. 

The Bariatric Full-Electric Homecare Bed is a sturdy, high-quality bed, designed to provide all of the essential features of a hospital bed large enough to support patients of almost any size up to 600 lbs in weight.

The bed features a large 42-inch wide mattress platform that ensures patients of all shapes can fit comfortably.

Additionally, the full-electric design enriches patient positioning, allowing for the head and feet to be elevated to suit patient needs.

The adjustable bed frame is also beneficial for caregivers, as it offers unobstructed patient access to deliver treatment.

Capacity 600 lbs.
Height Range 17.5 to 25.2 Inches
Upper-body Region Angle 0 to 67 Degrees
Foot Region Angle 0 to 43 Degrees
Platform Width 42 Inches


Additional Information:

Bariatric Full-Electric Bed is dynamic designed around the concept of providing safety, comfort, and support to patients regardless of their size or shape.

Accompanying the bed's valuable bariatric support features, it also offers fully-powered adjustability.

The bed height, upper-body angle, and knee angle can be fully adjusted at the push of a button on the hand pendant remote included with the bed.

The height can reach anywhere between 17.5 to 25.2-inches, which enables it to be easily raised to a comfortable height for caregivers to interact with the patient in bed.

The upper-body angle can adjust between 0 to 67-degrees, and the knee angle can reach between 0 to 43-degrees. This allows patients to easily situate themselves in their ideal resting position; it also enables various positioning to ensure ideal treatments.

The Bariatric Full-Electric Homecare Bed provides several features focused on convenience.

For example, the bed has a split frame design that makes it notably easy to maneuver when transporting it from room to room.

Additionally, in the event of a power outage, the bed is equipped with a manual hand crank that allows caregivers to adjust the bed even when it is without power.

Bariatric Full Electric Hospital Bed The Best Solution At-Home Care. Go Ahead And Order Online Bariatric Hospital Bed Package Today!

  • Bundle Price List: $2475.00
  • Bariatric Bed Frame: 1490.00
  • Universal Bariatric Bed Ends: 385.00
  • Bariatric Foam Mattress: $425.00
  • Half Rails: $175.00
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