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Deluxe Home Care Bed Monthly Rental

Deluxe Home Care Bed Monthly Rental

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The deluxe home care bed is our most popular bed rental option for those needing an original hospital bed at home. This CostCare Home Care Bed Rental is the best hi low bed for customers in need of a long-term care bed rental services.

This bed is fully electric with an electric head, foot, and base. This bed has a solid flat frame to prevent sinking and sagging mattress.

CostCare Full-Electric Hi-Low Home Care Bed Rental can hold up to 600 pounds, bed is a great choice for a wide range of almost any user.

  • Fully Electric
  • Hi/Low
  • Hi speed motor system
  • Height adjustable
  • Adjustable upper-body (0-65°) and knee-break (0-35°) regions for ultimate comfort.
  • It also extends, accommodating users up to 88-inches in length
  • Low Bed Height The bed can be lowered electrically to just 8” off the floor, greatly reducing patient fall injuries.
  • Built-in Length Extension The platform can be extended from 80″ to 84″ or 88 ” without any additional tools.
  • Central Locking System under-bed Lighting System
  • Complete bed, with Composite Half Rail set

Call for Availability: (800) 710-5808

What's included:

  • CostCare Full Electric Bed Frame
  • Composite Half Rails
  • Foam Mattress
  • Rent-to-buy option (only first month's payment applies towards purchase)

Delivery and Installation is required for this bed rental (fee's apply)

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