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Carilex Medical

Carilex Centrius Low Air Loss Therapy Mattress

Carilex Centrius Low Air Loss Therapy Mattress

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The Carilex Centrius is a top-rated low air-loss mattress with customizable features for patient comfort. Centrius low air loss mattress uses Intelligent Pressure Sensing Technology for constant pressure relief and redistribution.
  • Intelligent pressure sensing:  Responds to patient movements on mattress by automatically adjusting internal mattress pressure.
  • Power failure alarm:  Audible and visual power failure alarms to alert caregivers in case of abnormal power outage.
  • Memory recall:  Restores to the previous systems automatically after abnormal power outage.
  • Low pressure alarm:  Audible and visible alert to notify when abnormal internal pressure/power failure occurs.
  • Alarm mute:  Disable the audible indicator system.
  • Max Inflate:  Rapidly hyper-inflates the mattress providing a firm and convenient surface for nursing tasks.
  • Hands Free Automatic System:  Simple selection of “Soft” , “Medium” or “Firm” fully-automated comfort modes, with auto up- right support.
  • Dynamic / CLP Therapy Modes:  Provides both dynamic and CLP therapy functions to meet individual patient’s need.

Advance adjustable comfort settings for different body types, low pressure alert in case of abnormal pressure drop or power failure.

Air loss mattress includes 4 directional stretch coverlet cover for durability and comfort.

Centrius is the perfect example of affordable quality, it provides all the essential features needed for optimal therapy and much more. It is the best wound care solution for low to high risk patients, and most suitable for hospital use, homecare and nursing home environments.

Carilex Centrius mattress overlay system is designed to facilitate blood circulation and provide maximum tissue pressure redistribution and relief for treating and preventing pressure injuries. It is the ideal therapy system providing low noise level and comfortable modular cell design for superior sleeping quality.

  • Cable management
    Comes with pocket on the side for no fuss cable and cord management.
  • Quick connect coupling
    Provides an easy connection between power unit and mattress.
  • CPR
    Deflates the entire mattress for emergency.
  • Patient Envelopment
    Envelop and off load patient body mass by expanding the therapy contact area and depth.
  • Four Directional Stretch Coverlet
    High quality washable, four-way stretch, shear force reduction, while providing excellent moisture permeability.
  • Optional Foam Base - Extra 2’’ foam protection support

 Power Unit Model : REF : SR363

. Power Input : 220-240Vac 50Hz 0.2A

. Power Consumption : Max 15W

. Weight : Power Unit : 2.8Kg

Mattress Set : 6kg, 7kg, 9kg

. Dimension :

Power Unit : 295 x 255 x 120mm ( W x H x D )

Mattress Set :

36” x 80” x 7” ( 90 x 200 x 18 cm )

. Operating Condition :

. Temperature : 5°C to 40°C, Humidity : 15% to 90%

. Transportation & Storage Condition :

Temperatures : -25°C to 70°C, Humidity : 0% to 90%

. Weight Capacity : 330 lbs

. This Power Unit is not AP/APG protected

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