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Breg Polar Wave Cold Therapy Machine

Breg Polar Wave Cold Therapy Machine

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The Breg Polar Wave Cold Therapy Machine is a conveniently sized system that unites motorized cold therapy with active compression, making it suitable for both residential and clinical usage.

The portability of Polar Care Wave facilitates continued cold-compression therapy from hospital to home, enhancing the efficacy of treatment.

Polar Care Wave's design is engineered to reduce pain and swelling, facilitating improved recuperation for patients.

Features and Benefits

The Polar Care Wave System is intended to provide effective treatments for post-operative and acute conditions, including edema, swelling, and pain, by utilizing cold and compression. The device is to be used exclusively under the auspices of licensed healthcare personnel in hospitals, outpatient clinics, athletic training facilities, or domestic environments.

Includes Polar Care Wave Combo Cold Compression Universal Pad Included

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