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Breg Lateral Stabilizer with Hinge Soft Knee Brace

Breg Lateral Stabilizer with Hinge Soft Knee Brace

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Breg Airmesh Lateral Stabilizer Knee Brace enhanced support, and compression for lateral patella stabilization. 

This knee support helps patella tracking in a more normalized, medial direction. 

Soft Knee brace with side hinges is to treat chondromalacia, patellofemoral pain, lateral tracking, and helps stays in place with bending and repeated straightening out of your knee and resists migration downward with the dual circumferential straps placed above and below the knee joint. 

Common Examples of Use

  • Lateral patella subluxation support brace

  • Chronic patellar maltracking hinged knee brace

  • Mild chondromalacia soft knee support

Product Features

  • Soft Airmesh medical knee brace 

  • Low profile knee support allows for improved patient compliance

  • J-shaped patella brace that provides lateral patellar stabilization

  • Inferior and superior knee brace with straps to adjust and provides additional compression

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