Collection: Oxygen Monitor

Oxygen Monitor the most effective way to measure your health and your oxygen levels always updated. 

Continues oxygen monitor tracks blood oxygen levels and heart rate in seconds.

Oxygen Monitor is an easy way to measure your oxygen levels without having to go to the doctor or hospital. It’s also a great tool to keep track of oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body movements of your health.

This device measures your blood oxygen level by using a small sensor that attaches to your finger. The results are displayed on a digital screen.

Take a reading every day

If you’re interested in measuring your blood oxygen levels, then you should take a reading at least once per day. You can use this device to monitor your health and make sure you’re getting enough rest, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly.

Compare it with other days

This device will help you compare your current readings with those taken on previous days. You can see how much your oxygen level has changed over time.

Share your results with doctor

If you notice any changes in your oxygen levels, heart rate you should contact your doctor immediately. They can determine whether there is anything wrong with your body movements, heart, lungs or other body organs.

Put it on your phone

You can use the Oxygen Monitor app on your smartphone to monitor your oxygen levels at home, at work and even across the world. 

Oxygen Monitor records data on the app and you can check the monitoring reading remotely.

Wellue O2 Ring Continues Oxygen Monitor O2 ring has proven to be a great asset, medical grade, fda approved, tracks sleeping at night, heart rate and oxygen saturation levels.

Welleu 02 Ring Remote Wellue O2 ring remote provides real-time access to remote oxygen data by pairing with remote linker.