Collection: Medical Foot Braces

Peoples Care Medical Supply has a comprehensive line of medical foot braces to get you back on your feet. The Breg Genesis Cam Walking Boot is adjustable, reusable, and fully supportive for soft gait air walker boots. This CAM Boot is used to stabilize the foot and ankle after injury or surgery, to allow healing by reducing the range of movement, as well as to keep the weight off the injured foot. The medical foot brace allows you some mobility whilst preventing further damage. The severity of your injury will determine if a walker boot is required or not. A boot in normally used after significant trauma such as a break, rupture, or surgery to the foot. If your plantar fasciitis is not set at a point where you find it almost impossible to put weight onto the foot, then you may just need some form of foot orthotics inside your shoes to help ease the pressure. If your plantar fasciitis has got so painful that you can hardly bear to put weight onto the foot, then it may have progressed to a major tear or partial rupture. This would benefit from a walker boot. We will now recommend you buy medical walking boots like the Breg Genesis Full Shell Walking Boot, Breg Genesis Mid-Calf Walking Boot, and Ovation Medical Pneumatic Walker Boot.