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Mobility Scooter Rental

Mobility scooter rental is the perfect solution for your next trip to Los Angeles and nearest cities.

Reserve with confidence by calling us at (800) 710-5808 where you can rent mobility scooters quick, easy at affordable prices.

Customers enjoy renting our mobility scooters becase we deliver to Disneyland, Universal Studios, CityWalk, Knott's Berry Farm, SixFlags and more. 

Our company understands the probem travel difficulties for the global aging population and limited mobility persons needing an electric scooter, wheelchair, walking aids. 

Peoples Care Medical Supply can deliver your electric scooter, wheelchair or walking aids to your hotel, Airbnb, residential, apartment, nursing home, airports and cruise ship ports.

Get FREE Instant delivery and we make sure to deliver your equipment to your destination. 

4 Types of Mobility Scooters for rent near me today 

Transportable Scooters:

Here are a few reason why transportable scooters are important to rent.

Firstly,  for instance renting transportable scooter will have more options to travel from place to place.

Most user enjoy scooter because its easy to dissassemble and fit most medium size cars.

Secondly, 99% of our customers have rented transportable scooters for traveling around the city, vacation cruises, shopping, and short trips out and about.

Thridly, and most important, transportable scoters are recommended for small to medium size user.

Scooter seats are usually 17-18" wide and fits perfect for any user under 5'10" feet tall and under 250 pounds.

Full-Size Scooters:

Designed for full-time use, great for outdoor use, perfect solution for full day of fun at Universal Studios, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, SixFlags any attraction theme park.

Full size scooters offers higher top speed and longer driving range.

Usually scooter seat are 18" - 20" wide and scooter frame holds up to 400 pounds for any user under 300 pounds for scooter  performance.

The larger footprint of this model scooters make them hard to use in small spaces, this scooters will require a lift or ramp if the scooter will be regularly transported.

Extra Heavy Duty Scooters:

Designed for full time use, offering weight capacity of up to 500 pounds. Heavy Duty Scooter has stronger motors and upgarded batteries for durability and driving range.

Usually scooter seat are 20" - 22" wide and scooter frame holds up to 500 pounds for any user under 450 pounds for scooter  performance.

Heavy scooters will require lift or ramp for tranported, does not disassemble and fits on a larger truck, or van.

This scooters has larger turning radius, and wider widths. Great unit for full day of fun.

Folding Scooters:

Folding scooters are lighweight than transportable scooters, Seat are limited and narrower than traditional scooters - so realize that these model scooters are not built for comfort. 

Fold scooters are ideal for travel, cruise ships, indoor use.

Folding scooter are narrow size for smaller spaces. These scooters customer needs to be able to lift 55-75 pounds if loading into a car.

Scooter seats are usually 15" - 17" wide and fits perfect for any user under 5'10" feet tall and under 175 pounds.

We Offer Same Day Delivery for mobility scooter rental near you within 100 Miles from Los Angeles California and nearest cities

Reserve at (800) 710-5808