Collection: Drainage Catheter Kit

Shop PleurX drainage catheter kit is a thin, flexible tube that's placed in your chest to drain fluid from your pleural space. This can make it easier for you to breathe. A PleurX catheter has 3 main parts: 

  • A catheter. One end of the catheter will stay in your pleural space. The other end will stay outside your body. The end that’s in your pleural space has many holes so the pleural fluid can easily enter.
  • A 1-way valve. The valve is on the end of the catheter outside your body. It lets pleural fluid out but doesn’t let air in.
  • A valve cap. This protects the valve and keeps it clean.

If you have fluid around one lung, your doctor will place a PleurX catheter on that side of your chest. If you have fluid around both lungs, your doctor will choose the best side for the catheter.