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Purecare Air Purifier True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner

Purecare Air Purifier True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner

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Purecare Air Purifier True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner. Powerful 360 degree intake system draws air into all sides to maximize efficiency & delivers pure air clean and faster, and is suitable for room sizes up to 269 square feet.

Digital touch panel with PM2.5 meter, residual filter life meter and 4 colors air quality indicator. Full function show on the digital touch control panel.
Purecare Air Purifier comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty. (defects only)
It has an anion generator and a UV lamp which can be switched On or Off as per your convenience. 
True Hepa filters which have 99.97% efficiency trapping particles of 0.3 micron size.
Product Description
Product Name
Purecare Desktop Air Purifier with FDA Approved, CE, RoHs Certificates
Rated Voltage / Power
DC24V / 24W
Product Size / N.W.
8.6"x8.6"x13.3" Inches / 4.18 Pounds
Filter type
5 Stages Filtration Including Pre Filter, Hepa Filter, Active Carbon, Negative ions 1 million pcs/cm3 and UV led light + Photocatalyst
Digital Display, 
Auto Mode, 
5 Speeds, 
Sleep Mode, 
Filter Life Remind, 
PM2.5 Sensor
160m3/h Air purifiers improve indoor air quality, which can reduce lung, eye and skin irritation, soothing your body for deep sleep. ... This includes things like dust, smoke and allergens or irritants. Purecare air purifier can also reduce odors, creating an unobtrusive nighttime environment that's perfect for good sleep.
Clean Area
161 Square Feet x 269 Square Feet
Air Quality Indicator Lights
Blue - Good
Yellow / Green - Moderate
Purple - Polluted
Red - Bad


Purecare Air Purifier Instruction

  • After main power is switched on, press the Power button. The air quality indicator lamp will light up, it will run in AUTO mode. 
  • In the AUTO mode, the auto indicator will glow and the unit automatically adjust the air flow depending on the indoor air quality. The air quality indicator lamp will glow to the corresponding level of air quality.
  • Blue-Good
  • Amber-Moderate
  • Purple-Polluted
  • Red-Bad

How To Change The HEPPA Filter

1. Turn upside down the equipment.
2. Rotate the base cover to take out the filter.
3. Replace the filter after removing the packing. Take care to rotate the base cover in reverse direction.
4. Plug to the equipment
5. Switch on with "Bee" sound

Package Includes:

1 x Air Purifier with Adapter

1 x HEPA filter

1 x English Manual


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