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Inogen 5L Stationary Concentrator

Inogen 5L Stationary Concentrator

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Inogen At Home is the ideal solution for patients who rely on a stationary oxygen concentrator to provide continuous flow oxygen therapy medical treatment.

Inogen Home oxygen concentrators is lightweight, quiet and energy-efficient. Most importantly, the Inogen At Home allows patients with COPD and other respiratory conditions to breathe better, without sacrificing quality of life, just turn the unit on, adjust the flow and you’re all set.

The digital display doesn’t require any guesswork, instead, the display clearly tells you the flow setting you’re using so you can feel confident you’re getting the oxygen you need.

The freedom that comes with the Inogen At Home is transformative for most oxygen dependents. Freedom has been the benchmark of many patients life, and with this quiet, compact unit, patients hardly notices it’s there.

It’s unobtrusive and pleasant to live with while providing top quality oxygen therapy you can rely on.

If you rely on a stationary oxygen concentrator for your COPD treatment or low oxygen levels, discover how the Inogen 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator can help you breathe better.

Improve your freedom, mobility and independence on oxygen with Inogen at home oxygen concentrator near you today.

The Inogen At Home concentrator, weighing in at approximately 18 pounds, is one of the lightest home oxygen concentrators available, often coming in at half the weight of other home concentrators in use today.

Moreover, the Inogen At Home is quiet, letting you watch television or visit with friends with very little noise disturbance.

The Inogen At Home is also extremely energy efficient. At a flow setting of 2, it used just 100W of energy, the same as a standard 100W light bulb.

You can rest assured People's Care Medical Supply and Inogen will be there to support you. We’ve put together a three-year warranty that ensures your concentrator is cover 100% for 3 year customer satisfaction warranties, you can always depend on Inogen.

What does Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator Include?

  • 1. Stationary Oxygen Concentrator
  • 1. AC Power Cord
  • 1. Inogen at Home User Manual
  • 1. Nasal Cannula 

Technical Specifications:


18 lbs


7 × 13 × 16.5 in

Oxygen Flow

Continuous Flow

Five flow settings from 1-5 liters per minute

Power Settings

AC Power Supply, 100-240V, 275W, 50-60Hz

Only 100W on Flow Setting 2

(auto sensing to allow worldwide use)


Concentrator: 3 Years

Concentrator Sieve Beds and Accessories: 1 year

See Limited Warranty Statement for details.


Designed for stationary use

Inogen Systems require a qualifying RX prior to shipment.

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