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Breg Shortrunner Soft Knee Brace, Short Airmesh

Breg Shortrunner Soft Knee Brace, Short Airmesh

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Breg Shortrunner provides control and support for ligament injuries and instabilities and may be used for post-op treatment and mild Osteoarthritis.

Shortrunner Knee Brace Measures 13" in length. Select the right knee brace; measure circumference 6" inches above the mid patella to order either short or long version.

The Breg Shortrunner, Airmesh Pull-on knee brace is the best option for most ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL Injuries and instability of the knees due to meniscal injuries or mild to severe osteoarthritis.


Product Features

  • Brace is Airmesh Pull-on 
  • Polycentric hinges with adjustable flexion & extension stops
  • Sleeve and wraparound versions available

Product Sizing Chart:

Shortrunner Size Chart

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