Collection: Medical Air Mattress Rental

People's Care Medical Supply offers a variety of therapeutic support surfaces, including medical adjustable beds and medical air mattress rentals.

Medical air pressure mattress is key to delivering effective care for those people who are dealing with long-term illnesses, hospice or in palliative home care.

In many cases, specialty air loss mattress, true air loss pressure mattress, lateral rotation and fluid immersion is needed to keep patient comfortable and protected from developing bed sores and pressure sores.

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Alternating Air Loss Mattress System provides both alternating or static mode for patent comfort.

True Air Loss Mattress comes with more sophisticated therapy modes and complies with highest standard of the support surfaces, includes static, alternating and pulsation modes to regulate airflow. 

Support Surface Mattress allows for advance healing and patient therapy while they lay on the mattress, repositioning, surface area and weight measures characteristics.

Renting an air pressure, therapeutic mattress, premium gel mattress eliminates the shear forces and pressure points gradually. These medical hospital bed mattress are best suited for treating pressure ulcers, grafts, skin breakdown, skin flaps and blood circulation. 

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