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A mobility scooter is an electric vehicle and mobility aid equivalent to a power wheelchair but  configured to motor scooter for handicap people. Are you looking for handicap mobility scooter for your cruise, trip or voyage by cruise ship. We Recommend Transportable Scooter because standard cabin are 22" to 27" Doorway and usually three or four wheel scooter model are better for maneuverability around tight corners.

Transportable Scoter


transportable scooter rental

This 3 wheel mobility scooter is lightweight and offers a great turning radius. This Go-Go Sport 3 wheel handicap scooter is design for riders who keep on flat surfaces like home, shopping, trip, or voyage by a cruise ship. This electric mobility scooter offers weight capacity of 325 lbs max, and is great unit for user under 285 lbs for comfortable battery range on the go.


Automatic Folding Scooter


automatic fording scooter rental
Advantages of this assistive and small automatic electric mobility scooter provides important advantages to people with mild mobility problems. Generally this folding scooter is easier to carry around and is ideal for a user weight capacity under 200 lbs and the product weights 52 lbs for easy storage and fits most cars for transportation. 



Heavy Duty Scooters can be also suitable for a larger cabin [28" to 36' doorway] because an accessible cabin there are no restrictions on the equipment that can be deliver to an accessible cabin. Heavy-Duty-Mobility-Scooter supports riders over 450 lbs and scooter is large and offer a much more comfortable ride than other options. This mobility device can go off-road and have a battery lasts all day.

Maxima Heavy Duty Electric Mobility Scooter


In Summary:

The Transportable Scooter [Go-Go Sport] or [EasyGo Automatic Folding Scooter] is the device Peoples Care Medical Supply Recommends most frequently for cruises.

While the Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter can fit through doorways and accommodate most heights and weights.   

Plus, the fact that you can take these devices off the ship for excursions is a bonus.

For best service your rental needs always check with the cruise line before sailing to see what their policies are regarding port visits, excursions and possible restrictions on mobility equipment. 

Peoples Care Medical Supplies always recommends our guest/borrowers to notify cruise lines about an outside vendor bringing a mobility device to your cabin. Guest make sure you add Peoples Care Medical Supplies to your reservation for easy delivery and pickup of your rental equipment. 

Peoples Care Medical Supplies offers 24/7 state of the art call center for rentals and services. We are the leaders in durable medical equipment rental scooters, wheelchairs, rollator and medical oxygen products. Most of our equipment is brand new and frequently rotated. Our service includes professional delivery service to locations of your choice, and best rates. Unlike other rental competitors, we can facilitate rental mobility scooters for over 400 plus locations within the Los Angeles County and surrounding cities, including Anaheim Disney, Universal Studios Hollywood and much more.

Peoples Care Medical Supplies delivers to destinations of your choice; Cruise Terminal, Hotel, Convention Center, Residence, Anaheim Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood and On-board rentals.

Contact Peoples Care Medical Supplies for additional details at 1-800-710-5808 for your reservation needs.

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